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Well constructed fence is a thing of beauty, adding pleasing visual lines to your property, increased value, and protection. It is important to hire a fence company that is licensed and insured, with a trained, experienced crew that knows how to handle the materials, erect the fence properly, clean up their mess, and leave a nice, new fence to be admired. ABQ Fence Company is locally owned and operated, and takes pride in providing quality fences, gates, enclosures, pergolas, and other structures that make your property safe and more enjoyable. We have years of experience in building functional, easy to use fences and gates that are well made and last. When you need to control access to your property, equipment yard, or facility, contact us for a free quote. We do all types of fencing for residential and commercial, as well as governmental and institutional locations.

In Albuquerque Fence is an Investment in Your Property and Possessions

One of the most frequent questions when someone is seeking a new home in our area is if the property is fenced. New Mexico traditionally was open range, and it is part of our culture for fences to delineate our land, of which we are proud. A good quality fence, especially one that requires little maintenance and continues to look good over the years, is an investment in your property, increasing valuation. It may also lower your insurance costs, as fences protect property, whether it is an equipment or supply yard, a new construction sight, or your child’s school. Fences keep children, pets, and stock safe while deterring those who do not belong on the property from entering. You need a fencing company that stands by their products and work, and does a top quality job during installation. ABQ Fence Company takes a lot of pride keeping your possessions and family safe and secure. Contact us for a free quote and ideas for what we recommend as the best type of fencing and gate structure for your situation.

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What to Ask When Hiring an Albuquerque Fence Company

When looking to hire a fencing company, there are several things to consider. First, make sure they are licensed, and ask to see a copy. Any reputable contractor will have no issue with sharing their license, as well as insurance and workman’s compensation certificate with you. Ask to see examples of their work, especially for the type of material that you choose to have installed. They should be able to offer you recommendations or a portfolio of past jobs, as well as reviews for their work. How do they handle warranty and repairs to the fence and gate they are installing? Can you get ahold of someone on a weekend in an emergency, such as during an ice storm? All these things, as well as how they intend to clear the run for the fence, do they dispose of any debris, and other questions need to be asked before you sign any agreement for fence installation. If you are getting a gate built, it is important to know the quality of materials, how it will be finished and operate, securing features, and a good target time line for installation of the project. ABQ Fence Company Is happy to share all this information with you and answer any questions you have prior to starting on your job.

When you look for a fence company Albuquerque trusts, look to us

You need to know who is on your property when work is being done, and that you can trust your home, business, or possessions to be safe. This is important when you hire a company to do work that is providing a form of security on your property, and we understand that at ABQ Fence Company. We are proud of the trust we build with our customers, and our local reputation. Our years in business prove that we stand by our product, expect a lot from our crews, and value our customers.

There are a lot of choices among fencing contractors in the Albuquerque area. We are a locally owned and operated business that only does fence and associated products. Some of the things besides fence and gates that you might not think of are barricades around dumpsters, pool and deck surrounds for safety and privacy, fence toppers to extend your block or brick walls vertically, pergolas, porch covers, and drive arches with gates. Many specialty, hand constructed items are available through ABQ Fence Company. Bring us your ideas and we will work with you to make them a reality at a reasonable price. We take pride in our workmanship and providing a finished product you can be proud of that becomes part of your property or recreational area. No job is too large or small, so contact us for a free quote, or fill out our contact form to set up a time to discuss your needs.

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Fencing Albuquerque Utilizes Gives You Lots of Options

So many beautiful, functional, sturdy options are available these days for fence. At ABQ Fence Company we work in many types of materials to offer you the best variety and option for your project and property. One of the most popular materials is wood fence in Albuquerque, usually cedar or sometimes spruce or fir latillas made into coyote fence.
Cedar is durable and tolerates our southwestern intense sun and winter storms well due to the oil content of the wood. It is a great, lower cost material that can be configured in everything from solid panels to a variety of picket fence patterns, as well as custom crafted work. Cedar also is used for split rail fencing, a traditional, rustic look reminiscent of hand split logs. We install both 2 and 3 rail split fencing, adding beauty and traditional look to a property. Post and beam fence is also available, a similar construction but smoother and cleaner in look as the posts and rails are made from pressure treated, skinned and smoothed poles. It is a good option if splinters are a concern. All are tough and durable in our climate conditions.

A special regional fencing, referred to as coyote, is a truly New Mexico architectural detail that is popular blended into more traditional South-western and Puebloan architecture. Split spruce-fir saplings, called latillas, are attached usually vertically to a steel frame, creating a strong, tough fence that still allows some air passage. Resistant to elements, a lot of coyote fence is seen in Santa Fe, our state capital, and other traditional New Mexico properties.


Custom Gates Including Wrought Iron Gates are Big in Albuquerque

A beautiful custom gate at the front of a property or entrance to a drive sets a tone and makes a statement. Often rendered in wrought iron or ornamental metal, custom gates take your ideas and build them into a strong entry protection system that may include automatic gate openers, speaker systems, and other technology. Gates need to be durable, functional, and easy to operate, whether swinging or on a track. They also need to do so in inclement weather, the true test of gate installation and it’s opener system. Whether you want your ranch brand, company name, family monogram, or cut-out artwork on your custom gate, ABQ Fence Company can work with you to create a beautiful gate to be installed, making your property both aesthetic and secure. We work in wood, metal, chain link, and vinyl and can design around your needs, including pass through walkways by your gate, sectional or multi-panel swing gates, or extra large chain link gates that require support wheel track systems. Call us for a free quote and let us work with you to create what you need at a reasonable price.

Fencing Companies in Albuquerque Need to Be Responsive to Repairs – We Are

When your fence or gate gets damaged, you need repairs now, not next week. ABQ Fence Company knows this and will make every effort to schedule as quickly as possible when you experience wind or ice storm damage, trees on your fence, or the errant driver that misses the curve. We will assess the damage, make a detailed estimate for your insurance claim, and get to work fixing the problem as quickly as possible. We also will make every effort to blend in the repair so it is as least noticeable as possible, a real issue with wood fencing especially. It does not have to be a fence we installed, either, for us to respond and take care of your fence repair. We just want to see your property safe, children, pets and livestock secure, and possessions protected as quickly as possible. Call us and let us fix the issue quickly and professionally.

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A quality, durable fence starts with a trained, experienced, professional fencing contractor and crew. Call ABQ Fence Company or submit the contact form so we can schedule your free quote for any fencing, custom gate, or recreational enclosure need you have. You will be pleased with our courteous crews that leave clean job sites, our fast and efficient installations, and fair pricing. We love making Albuquerque beautiful, and safe

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